Website Creation Essentials - 4 Focuses of a Website
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5 Most Important Items for Your Website to Focus On – In Order

5 Most Important Items for Your Website to Focus On – In Order

There are a lot of web designers and developers out there, but the ones that .

But there are also a lot of individuals and firms out there that think they create “great websites” when in reality they know how toimplement one or 2 of these  essential comonent very well, but are not skilled int eh others.


There are 5 kety things that you should try to determine that your website team that you are hiring hase some experience in.

It’s a shame that so many web developers and designers either do not have the experience, capability, r knowedlge that the creation of a website is not a linear process anymore.

(1) The designer

When it comes to creating a website, there is nothing worse than a website creator that does shoddy work. There are four things that you can do to ensure that the company creating your website focuses on the right things to build the website and draw in the targeted audience you are seeking. Read on below for the top four things you need to make sure your website creator focuses on when designing your website.

There are 5 basic item that you need to ensure the web developer/designer who is creating your website focuses on.

5th Place:  Aesthetics / Graphical Appeal

There is a large group of website visitors that will be turned off if they arrive at your website only to find that it doesn’t look like a modern artist painted the screen in front of them.  These are the people who are going to lose interest in your company pretty quickly if you don’t ensure your web design company can produce aesthetically pleasing designs.   Graphical appeal keeps people happy so that they continue interacting with your website, and keeps you credible.  Therefore, stress the importance of a clean, modern site with appropriate graphics that impress the visitor.

Keep in mind that this is relative Although this also depends on your brand positioning and what you are selling (for example, it is not as important that a website selling plumbing services is pretty than it is for a  high end luxury car service).

“So having a website that looks good is 5th on the list??” I can hear …. saying? “What else is there?” All this means is that thre are  other iems that are more important than it.  Stay with me.

People often think that having the most pretty website on the internet is the most important thing.  Well it certainly isn’t.

4th Place:  Brand Exposure

I kdffd/.  his does closely relate o #5 above, but is slightly more important because positioin your brand is

3rd Place:  User Experience

MOBILE – ALL DEVICES.  Think about it. If you click on a website and can’t find the links you are looking for, then will you stay? Most visitors won’t. One example of a website that is unfriendly to the user is one where you click a link to a certain page, and the link takes you somewhere else entirely. Then you have to spend twenty minutes finding the right page, and by then you’re tired of the website and almost forgotten what you were searching for. Don’t let that happen to your website. Stress the importance of a user-friendly experience to your website creator.

2nd Place: Proper Function

Function ALWAYS comes fist.  If your website doesn’t work right, nothing else really matters.  I’m talking about things like having no links that lead to error pages, and your website not taking longer to load than …


The first thing you want to be sure of is that the website if functioning properly. You will not have many customers stick around if your website is throwing up an error page constantly or the load times or slow or nonexistent. If you intend to hit your target audience and increase the views on your page, you need to have a proper function, and a fast load time in order to get it done.

1st Place:  Focus on business Objectives

Make it pretty, make it easy to navigate, and make it work right.  That’s everything, right?  A lot of people think so, and that’s why they don’t make profit on theuir website.

Always remember why he website exists- an 99% of the time it’s to make you money through either an onine purchase or contacting you.

Don’t want the designer to make the “Buy now” or “Contact Us Today” button bigger because doing so will cause the site to look slightly less appealing.

your website is on the internet to acheive your business goals.
Even if all the above tips leave your website perfect, easy to navigate and awesome to use, if it doesn’t focus on sales and what you are trying to sell, then the best website in the world isn’t going to do you a bit of good. Your website needs to be optimized for sales and targeted to the audience that you are seeking to find. Make sure that you put a valid and large call to action on content leading to your website with links that are clickable and easy to navigate.
These are not going to be an easy task, and you need large calls to action on your website that helps visitors find what they are going to buy and make it easy for them to make their purchase. Remember, the tips above aren’t just suggestions; they are things that every website creator should know in order to build a website that means success for your business.


I performed the ranking because ranking is fun, and I want to illustrate the point of relative imporance, but at the end of the day if someone asks me what is the single most important  and I do certainly agree with the order I developed.  However, if someone asks me what’s the most important thing

…. but to create the full magic of an excellent website, all 5 of these essentials have to be considered and implemented in harmony.  That is when you will……

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